Monthly Archives: March 2016 Gets a Makeover

Transition Plan

If you are a fan of our old website, it is still available at We’ll keep the old site up until we are confident that the new site’s calendar is complete, probably until the end of April but possibly, the end of May. … read more.

March 17 Reflections

This week I reflect on a number of topics.

Remembering Skip
UUA Election process
Spring Cleaning this Sunday
Taking Time for Yourself.
Planning for new members.

Remembering Skip

Friday, at 11 AM we held a celebration of the life of Walter “Skip” Earl, a longtime and much loved participant in the sacred … read more.

A Simple Gift

Our own Jack Whitelaw has composed and written a musical entitled A Simple Gift, which is being premiered at the Governor’s School for the Arts, in their Dalis Black Box theater, on  March 18 and with a second performance on March 19 at 7 pm.

… read more.

Join us to celebrate Ostara

Please join CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian-Universalist Pagans) as they celebrate Ostara. We will do an open-to-all ritual followed by a potluck. Please bring a candle to consecrate and a dish to share. Saturday, March 19th.  6 pm to 8 pm. Childcare provided by request.

March 4 Minister’s Moment

“Every day take one action that you believe in.”  (…after M.S. and J.A.)

Starting with gratitude.  Thanks to all who participated in the Poetry Service last Sunday:  Allen Perry and Mark Fetterly, who started us off, poem readers Matt Griset, Brian Brennan and Harvey “Ed” Jones, … read more.