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29 July Minister’s Moment

I am still on vacation this week, exploring the Poconos of Pennsylvania.  I got in to conversation about the Chrysler museum recently and specifically the current exhibit “Women and the Civil Rights Movement”  which shares stories through photography from the 1950s and 60s.  It … read more.

14 August

Poetry Sharing: You’ve Spoken Your Mind, Now Show Me Your Soul!

07 August

Poetry Sharing: You’ve Spoken Your Mind, Now Show Me Your Soul!

22 July Minister’s Moment

I am just wrapping up a week at the Southeastern Unitarian

Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI), being held this year in western North Carolina.  There are about 1100 UU’s here on the campus of Western Carolina University, including about a dozen folks from our church.

Here are a … read more.

15 July Minister’s Moment

Oh my, oh my, the summer is half over!! This is the first “summer panic weekend” where folks start to worry that they won’t get everything done before autumn.  And it’s especially hard on those who are recovering from an illness, grief or moving.   … read more.

24 July

Poverty and Antipoverty Programs and Wasteful Spending

08 July Minister’s Moment

Imagine a summer without anything to eat.  Summertime should be a time of easy living, but a surprising number of families and individuals in our communities don’t even have the money for food.  So they rely on food pantries and food banks.  This week … read more.

01 July Minister’s Moment

I am on Vacation this week, and you are in the able hands of the Worship Services Committee and Caring Committee, and Susie Gullixson in the office.  And thank you to those who organized the Remembrance for Stanley Biel this morning.

It was good to have Tessa … read more.