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11 September 2016

“Getting to where you are—what obstacles or good fortune did you find along the way?”

26 August Minister’s Moment

Wednesday was the first time this summer that I just felt good being outdoors.  Not too hot, or too rainy, just plain nice.  The beach beckons.  So here goes…equity and compassion in human relations;

Last Sunday I talked briefly about the first three principles … read more.

Choir calls for new voices

Choir is resuming rehearsals for the new church year and invites you to join in the fun! Whether you’ve been a member of this singing machine in the past or are looking to try it out for the first time, come to our open rehearsal on … read more.

12 August Capital Campaign Update

The Capital Campaign continues to make great strides towards maxing out the generous $300,000 matching fund initiated in May.  All new and paid pledges, large and small, contribute toward the success of our goal to complete this part of our campaign by New Year’s!  … read more.

12 August Minister’s Moment

Years ago NPR was my church.  That’s National Public Radio, for those not in the know.  I would listen every morning and night and on weekends too.  I knew the theme music by heart, and exactly when it would come on.  I liked the … read more.

06 August Minister’s Moment

“Time and Tide wait for no Person” – origin unknown…. Sort of.

Noticing that Susie Gullixson puts the times of Sunday high tide at the top of YarmoUUth Gazette each week got me thinking…

I was on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this past week, visiting … read more.