Monthly Archives: December 2016

16 December Minister’s Moment

Let’s start with a big thank you for those who went to the “Happy Holidays” celebration at the Islamic Center near ODU on Friday, December 9. We enjoyed tours of their building, bagels, cakes and conversation. I am glad so many of us showed up. … read more.

09 December Minister’s Moment

Each week I sit down with a long list of things to talk about in my column.   So much to say… so much to think about.

Wednesday I sent out a special message which included an invite for today, Friday, to the Islamic Center on … read more.

02 December Minister’s Moment

Liminal Space

Seventy-five years ago, American lives changed suddenly and radically. Japan declared war on the United States and attacked bases in the Pacific: Pearl Harbor and Manila. Within the day our country changed from neutral and uninvolved to a nation at war. The date December … read more.