Monthly Archives: March 2017

24 March Minister’s Moment

Snowdrops. Snowdrops, also called Galanthus, are tiny flowers…  white and green, they look like a sort of drop of water-snow that has broken open. Really, compared with Azaleas, they are completely insignificant. Compared with Crepe Myrtles the blooms don’t last at all, and being only … read more.

17 March Minister’s Moment

Minister moment – March 17, 2017

Friends, I need your advice. I’m working on the Easter Sunday service (April 16), which will be about the Gospel of Thomas, the Fifth Gospel. The service will explore our links to the founder of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth. So here’s where I … read more.

10 March Minister’s Moment

Spring Forward! The times, they are a-changin’. This is the Second Sunday in March, which means we will be collecting money for charitable work– this month it is for sandwich maker supplies. And also, we will meet closer to sunrise… the clocks “spring forward” at … read more.

03 March Minister’s Moment


THEME CHANGE — Welcome to March, welcome to Lent, welcome to what seems like springtime. Welcome to LIGHT.

Our theme for February was “PLAY” and how did we do? Each Friday night we had a different activity, from a potluck to karaoke, Scrabble™ and a night … read more.