Monthly Archives: June 2017

30 June Minister Moment

I’m on vacation this week. Last week was incredible. Our congregation sent delegates to General Assembly in New Orleans. New Orleans responded by giving us Tropical Storm Cindy and then hot humid weather. The storm played havoc with travel plans, and many folks had their … read more.

23 June Minister Moment

Greetings from New Orleans. This week is the Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual General Assembly, being held this year in New Orleans. I’ve been at the Ministers’ Meeting since Monday and there have also been national gatherings for Religious Educators and for Administrators.

The big … read more.

Renovation Begins at “Mike”

In preparation for remodeling, our board of directors established the Facility Oversight Committee chartered to establish a project schedule and milestones for church activities supporting the renovation, coordinating interactions with our contractor, designing and planning the finishing and furnishing our space, and executing our move … read more.

June 18 Update on “809”

On June 14, workers finished repair work on the well water system at our new property. That water is unfiltered and not safe for drinking, but is required for use during demolition work — at least until we have new pipes installed providing municipal (potable) water … read more.

Preparing to Renovate “809”

Preparation for Renovation of 809 South Military Highway Property

With the purchase of the 809 South Military Highway property, the Sacred Space Team (SST) has very successfully met its mission to present the congregation with a viable and affordable building for UCN’s executing its mission and … read more.

Stewardship Campaign Completion Update

Our Annual Stewardship Campaign for the church year beginning 1 July is over.  We are elated to report that the congregation made commitments to contribute $314,430 to fund our church operations and salaries for the coming year.  Coming immediately after the Capital Campaign’s completion of … read more.

16 June Minister Moment

Come Sunday — it’s Father’s Day. Come hear the voices of fathers, the voices of children and the voices of community. We will have our first Baby Blessing of the year. We will give our UCN Banner its last send off to General Assembly. The Choir … read more.

Happening June 14-20

Want to know what’s happening in your Beloved Community this week? Find all the details here!

This list is not inclusive of all the activities taking place at UCN this week — it is only a list of activities outside of Sunday morning’s worship service open to … read more.