Monthly Archives: July 2017

28 July Minister Moment

Just a few short things here. First, if you are traveling this summer, why not stop in on Sunday at the local UU congregation? Many love visitors… just as we love visitors. Some are tiny meetings with only a dozen folks in the summer (and some take the … read more.

21 July Minister Moment

“How’s your mama?” We were told that even folks you don’t know in New Orleans will ask this in the supermarket check-out line. It is part of their culture to be inquisitive, to invite sharing of responses beyong “just fine” with other community members, and … read more.

July 21 Updates

by Doug T.

As of July 18 (2017), asbestos abatement has been completed on the second floor of our new building; abatement work is continuing on the first floor.

14 July Minister Moment

Last Sunday I gave my first of two summer sermons. The summer here at UCN is a time for members and guest speakers to comment on a particular topic – this year the topic is “growth.” And this coming Sunday my friend and colleague, Walter … read more.

July 5 Update

New Building Progress: July 5, 2017
by Doug T.

Renovation work on our new building began on June 16. A variety of materials, including doors and wood trim were salvaged. Most of the carpet and a lot of other unnecessary materials were disposed of. Our contractor has just … read more.