Monthly Archives: September 2017

15 September Minister Moment

Last weekend was fantastic.  A good crowd gathered at 809 S. Military Hwy to help clean up the landscaping at the new property. Clearing trees, limbs and discovering sections of parking lot under years of leaf accumulation occupied the squad of CVUU-ers. I came to … read more.

8 September Minister Moment

We need Community in times of stress!

This Sunday we will create a bowl of water… water that comes from the lives of our community.  If you have gathered water from your travels, put a small amount (maybe an ounce) in a used water bottle, or … read more.

1 Sept Minister Moment

I have been on study leave for the past week, visiting New Jersey and spending time thinking long-term. I am also having some repairs done to my house. I will be back after Labor Day. Have a good weekend.

News from Texas of the flooding calls … read more.

25 August Minister Moment

Monday there was an eclipse. It was an opportunity to celebrate a singular moment in time. You couldn’t say “I’ll go see it Tuesday” –  it was only there on Monday. “Where were you during the eclipse?”

We each responded in our own way. I am … read more.