April 27 Minister Moment

Cheers and thanks for two events this past week. Our Music Sunday Service and our Death Cafe! Both were fine examples of the congregation working together to serve and create.
First the music: Thanks to Matt Griset for leading “Earth and the People in It” a celebration of Earth Day, with performances by the UCN Choir, the Yarmouth Chamber Singers, Karen Smith, Hans Ruehle, Chris Banks and the Men’s Choir. And thanks to Brian Brennan, Mindy Squillace, Maggie Chubb, Jim Early and Rob Curran (and Ellie Fetterly for her dramatization of the upcoming Pot Luck!) and our Ushers, Greeters and Welcomers. And then thanks to those who decorated, set up (and cleaned up) the Building Shower for 809, with strange beverages and a social hall over-filled with excitement.
It was a wonderful Sunday.
Huzzah to Matt Griset for programming choral pieces, jazz, folk and pop tunes and ending with Greg Greenway’s song “Do What Must Be Done” to remind us of the unfinished work of Earth Day. Music Sundays provide wonderful opportunities to show off our talents. This spring we have widened our variety of musical styles and I think that has made worship more energizing. Thanks to all who agree to perform, and especially those who find a place in the choir!
Friday evening about twenty folks gathered for two hours to talk about death, mortality and living. Martha Shore led a team of facilitators in a deeply meaningful evening. Thanks to those who worked on the refreshments end too! At Wednesday’s Caring Team meeting we talked about continuing the tradition next fall. This was our third Cafe, and we attracted several participants from beyond the CVUU community. Next autumn a Death Cafe can be advertised to a new, wider audience. The congregation now has a good number or experienced facilitators, and will have plenty of space too!
I was away for several days this week, attending a course on Compassionate Listening with ministers from the Washington, DC area. We talked about compassion from the listener’s perspective, learning methods which have been used in prisons, and in the aftermath of ethnic cleansing. How can we heal the world? Compassionately.
My rose bush had its first rose this week, and the camellia is just finishing up. It looks like good gardening weather and they say the Botanical Garden is in full bloom. Peace to the mulchers and pruners and planters among us.
And warmer weather means time to get outdoors! Last week we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day early, taking Susie Gullixson and the staff going out to lunch. You are welcome to celebrate it any day you want.
This Sunday I am away. Vicki Caminer, Steve Daniel, Andy Michelson and Bruce Powers will lead our last April service with the theme of Nature and Evolution, titled “A Sense of Wonder: Nature, Science and Evolution.
Happy Spring.
Rev. Charlie