Our next worship service

A Conversation with a Friend

Dan Fleming

Questions about Heaven, Hell and God will be discussed. We will hear of one man’s growth from a believer to an atheist/agnostic. Along the way you will be asked to explore what is in your heart.

Adult Discussion

Adult Discussion meets on Sunday at 9:00 in the Curtis Room.

Religious Education

  • June 18 Children’s Religious Education - Religious Education Classes this week, June 18 Pre-Kindergarten: The We Are Many, We Are One class celebrates the year together.  They will hear Kim Stafford’s story We Got Here Together, and play! Kindergarten-First Grade: Spirit Play. This week, the Spirit Play class will reprise the story of our seven promises. Second-Third Grade:Moral Tales (http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children/tales). The Moral tales class ends with a lesson … Continued