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Our next worship service

The Shadow of Death?

Reverend Charlie

What do chocolate ice cream and football have to do with death? Can breakpoint discussions free us from fear in our final days? Come hear encouraging words from a former chaplain and someone who works with end of life issues. Also, following the service, all are invited to a congregation-wide workshop on end of life … Continued

Adult Discussion

Adult Discussion meets on Sunday at 9:30 in the Curtis Room.
  • 23 October - “The Great Debate: What Would You Do as President of the United States?” (We are looking for specifics, not generalities on economy, ecology, healthcare, etc.)
  • 16 October - “If You Haven’t Been Left Speechless, Let’s Talk about Politics!”
  • 02 October - “Religious Monsters”

Religious Education

  • October 23 Children’s Religious Education -   Our Classes this Sunday, October 23: Pre-Kindergarten: We Are Many, We Are One. This week, the lesson is a Halloween themed class: Monsters Can Be Nice.  The students will here Rob Paige’s Some of my Best Friends are Monsters, make masks, and play a pumpkin matching game.  Kindergarten-First Grade: Spirit Play. With this week’s class, … Continued
  • Summer Religious Education Program and Registration - This Summer our Religious Education Program returns to space and the “We Are Made of Stardust” class.  This is a science based class that examines the origins of the stuff that makes us, and the deep interconnections between everything.  It asks questions about time, space, and where we are right now.
  • June 5 Children’s Religious Education -   Classes continue indoors. Next week (6/12) all students are asked to participate in the Bridging Service.