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Our next worship service

The Courage to Face the Flood

Floods. Heat. Drought. Fear. Avoidance. Despair: How can we keep our eyes, hearts, and minds open as we face the fundamental changes to life on Earth that climate change is bringing? Drawing on the work of Buddhist environmental activist Joanna Macy and other ecofeminist and environmental justice activists, this service will offer ways to focus … Continued

Adult Discussion

Adult Discussion meets on Sunday at 9:30 in the Curtis Room.
  • 14 August - Poetry Sharing: You’ve Spoken Your Mind, Now Show Me Your Soul!
  • 07 August - Poetry Sharing: You’ve Spoken Your Mind, Now Show Me Your Soul!
  • 31 July - The Politics of Judging Offenses

Religious Education

  • July 31 Children’s Religious Education -  On July 31st the “We Are Made of Stardust” class  is called “Big Blues  Made Everything Else!” and will finish the explanation that our ancestors include ancient stars, and then to introduce the idea that we really are made of stardust! We will help the kids realize how recent it is that scientists have been able to figure this out. To … Continued
  • Summer Religious Education Program and Registration - This Summer our Religious Education Program returns to space and the “We Are Made of Stardust” class.  This is a science based class that examines the origins of the stuff that makes us, and the deep interconnections between everything.  It asks questions about time, space, and where we are right now.
  • June 5 Children’s Religious Education -   Classes continue indoors. Next week (6/12) all students are asked to participate in the Bridging Service.