09 December Minister’s Moment

Each week I sit down with a long list of things to talk about in my column.   So much to say… so much to think about.

Wednesday I sent out a special message which included an invite for today, Friday, to the Islamic Center on 49th street in Norfolk, for a holiday reception outside their building from noon (following prayers) to 4PM.  I hope to make it.  This is a good time to meet new people and express our resolve to stand on the side of love.

Also today, Friday, we have a coffee house at UCN, 7 PM.  Fun and relaxation!  Music!

By now you’ve noticed that we have a congregational meeting coming up after the service on the 18th, with an information session on Wednesday night the 14th.  We will be making two of the largest votes in our congregation’s history.  This just might boost attendance for the service that Sunday as well.  It is our big congregational holiday celebration.  We will be welcoming new members at that time.

This Sunday, the 11th is on the subject of Kwanzaa.   I attended an interfaith meeting on Monday and found myself explaining the celebration to a group of religious leaders.   I realized that I don’t know that much about the holiday, but I did emphasize that it was a good way for families to gather and have conversations about how they want to live their lives together.   The other clergy got that… and I’m sending them a notice for the Kwanzaa Community Celebration on Saturday December 17 from 4 – 8 PM.  We may have lots of visitors for this!

Through all this celebration and activity you may be getting the blues.  Janet Marvel and I have been talking since November about having a Grief and Loss group at UCN.  She picked four Wednesdays: December 14 &21, January 4 &11 to meet at 7 PM.  This will meet at the same time as the information session, but upstairs at UCN.

With all this happening, I will miss the Kwanzaa service. I’m off this Sunday to the Outer Banks to return the favor of a sermon to David Morris’s congregation.  As such, I won’t be at UCN to plead for you to sign up for various Christmas Eve events.  UCN needs you, we need your cookies, ushering and reading.   There is a big sign-up list in the social hall,   and nobody has stepped forward to head the 6 PM reception (though if they see lots of cookie bakers and clean up signups, maybe someone will be inspired.)

Some more things to think about:

  • UCN needs new leaders.  Jeanie Kline reminded the Program Council of a great opportunity to be trained in leadership.  If you can still schedule your summer vacation, please consider attending the Southeastern UU Leadership Experience… sleep-away camp for adults!  August 6-11, 2017 in Wirtz, VA.  It’s at a 4-H center near Roanoke, VA.
  • Our congregation needs Internet wranglers!  Our website, which now runs on WordPress, has been configured by Dave Hamby for many years.  Dave is retiring from this job and we would love to have a group of members become the managers of the site – not the content, but the nuts and bolts of things. We will be hiring a professional to create, refresh and solicit articles and photos, but need helpers who speak WordPress, or want to teach others to speak WordPress (note: this could look good on a resume.) Contact me if you are interested.   minister@ucnorfolk.org
  • Our Membership Committee recognizes that, for us to afford the new building we have to grow! They need some new leadership to help the committee perform current tasks and branch out to some new ones.  Can you help?  (Contact me!  Contact Jen Blake!)

Happy Egg Nog, happy ugly sweater knitting, happy travel plans, happy shopping, happy just being together.

I love you

Rev Charlie