10 November Minister Moment

Today is Veterans Day Observed, so the office is closed, and staff has the day off.
This Sunday we will be talking about Building Bridges, new connections and new
understandings. The weather should be back to normal by then, so come on out and enjoy, 10:30 a.m., just like normal.
Congratulations to all who voted, whatever the outcome. We affirm the democratic process once again!
We are delaying our usual “Second Sunday Collection” this month because a number of church leaders will be away, Also, we thought that a service contemplating Thanksgiving was the perfect time to help those in Puerto Rico who are suffering following Hurricane Maria.
Please consider bringing a check on the 19th. That Sunday will be our all-ages Cornbread Communion service. Also note that the Half Marathon will be running that morning, so plan to come a bit earlier.
While you are at it, you may want to make your stewardship payment in 2017, before any tax law changes are made. Why not do some charitable planning this next week?
In preparation for this Sunday you might consider seeing “Victoria and Abdul,” now playing in a few theaters. Or go see “The Parchman Hour,” tickets available for these last three days at the Wells Theatre.
Saturday you are invited downtown, to hear the Street Requiem. Matt Griset and the choir have been showing off pieces of the Mass all autumn, now is your chance to hear the combined choirs singing in the street, November 11, at Freemason Baptist Church.
http://www.freemasonstreet.org/2017/10/street-requiem- november-11/
Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists have the tradition of a cornbread communion before
Thanksgiving, and the baking of the cornbread, by our children, is scheduled for Saturday, the
18th, … which is also the beginning of Christmas Celebrations in Norfolk.
Looking further forward, Christmas is a traditional time for child dedications. We won’t be
holding a worship service on Christmas Day, which is a Monday this year. We will, however,
have a Sunday Service on December 24, in addition to our usual Christmas Eve events at 5
PM and 7 PM. For the morning service I want to again offer families the chance to dedicate
their children into our community. We will use the time normally containing a children’s story,
and instead, tell real stories of welcome to real children. Please contact me if you are
interested: minister@ucnorfolk.org.
This week we again wonder what we can do to make our world safer. Another shooting
makes us all aware of security procedures and the frailty of human life.
Not just that. It is gray and dark, and wet. The last roses are fading. The pumpkins have all
been put in the trash, or compost heap. Even Veterans Day can evoke an attitude of blue.
So this is a day for Annie Dillard:

“We are here to abet creation and to witness to it, to notice each others beautiful face and
complex nature so that creation need not play to an empty house.”

May we love each other,
Rev Charlie