20 October Minister’s Moment

This autumn the UCN staff has been working on improving the operation of our church.  Our Religious Education teachers now must watch a video on child safe procedures before teaching classes.  In our staff meetings we speak of safety.   We now have a system for evacuating the building in case of emergency.  “Three toots” on a whistle is the signal to get up and get out, and assemble at the field up Yarmouth Street – our closest assembly point which is reliably dry.  Those who cannot climb stairs should assemble by the brick wall in the parking lot (you can even sit on the wall.)

Thank you to all who participated in the evacuation exercise on Sunday.  Our children were very quick to exit safely, and the adults were not far behind – those who could climb stairs using the two doors on the “water side” of the church.  We did learn a few things, and might form a safety team to study further improvements in our planning.

The drill was intended for the previous week, Fire Prevention Week, which was rained out.  Listen this Sunday to hear the choir’s contribution to fire safety!

Also this Sunday, come to the workshop on Advance Directives from Noon to 1:30.  As a chaplain I saw families of patients without Advance Directives struggle to make life decisions for a loved one.  It does not have to be such a struggle.  “If only…”   Please come, learn and start the conversation this Sunday.

Thank You!!!  Last week in our Second Sunday collection our congregation raised over $1700 dollars for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s Haitian partners for Hurricane Matthew Relief.  If you missed the service, or want to give more, please visit:

Support Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

I need your help for a couple of upcoming worship services.

Sunday, October 30th we will have a Halloween Parade, and then we will share stories– and I want to hear your story.  Just short ones, maybe 150-200 words about you, maybe an ancestor or two, and something that scared you.  It all should be child friendly, as the service is intergenerational.  Drop me a line at minister@ucnorfolk.org  with a story proposal or to ask for a sample (or see last week’s Y. G.)

The second opportunity to help is November 6th, which is just before the election, but also just before Veterans Day.  I would like to talk to veterans and active duty service-members on the topic of “hope.”  What has given you hope?  How has your time in the service shaped your understanding of hope?

The job of a minister is dreaming!  At one level I am trying to imagine what our community will be like on November 9th, the day after the election.  With no politics to talk about, what will we do?   It’s hard to know, but worth planning for.   We do know that our church will “provide a welcoming, respectful, and vibrant environment where each person can search for truth and meaning, build connections, renew spiritu and be inspired to action.”  (So says our Covenant of Right Relations.)

November’s theme “Hope” will be, well, more hopeful than October’s theme of “Fear”.   We even will be celebrating Homecoming!  And then our Cornbread Communion and Thanksgiving.  My dreaming hat is casting even further into the future to Christmas Eve (anyone want to help me plan the 7 PM service?) and Friday evenings in January and February… committees should be submitting ideas for events this month!

That’s it for now.  I love you,

Rev. Charlie

ps: My spell check program wanted to change Yarmouth to Vermouth or Motormouth.