2016 Summer Worship Series

Unitarian Universalist congregations across the US feature lay speakers during the months of July and August. The summer series allows some holiday routine for our minister and presents an opportunity for congregants to make a substantive contribution to our formal worship program. The 2016 summer series focuses on courage. Our planned topics are

  • 26 June: Howard Adams, Give me the Strength to be Free and the Courage to Walk without Chains.
  • 03 July: Tracie Whitelaw, The Courage to Connect, a Look into Army Resilience Training.
  • 10 July: Rev Charlie, The Courage to Be Compassionate
  • 17 July: Harvey Edward Jones and Em Lock, The Courage to be Who We Truly Are
  • 20 July: Stacia Sanders, Phyllis and Tony Stein, and Eileen Mahon, The Courage to be Differently Abled
  • 31 July: Lee Ellen Knight, The Courage to Face the Flood: Floods. Heat. Drought. Fear
  • 07 Aug: Kathryn and Allen Perry, The Courage to be an Interfaith UU Family
  • 14 Aug:Shelia Dinwiddie et al,The Courage to Fly in the Face of Convention
  • 21 Aug: Rev Charlie: The Courage to Grow in Spirit
  • 28 Aug: Tessa Ellis and Martha Shore, The Courage to Face Race Relations in Our Community
  • 04 Sep: Vicki Caminer, Elisa Dickon, Karen Smith: The Courage to…Stand Up and Sing in Protest

Our  2016 Summer Series pamphlet describes each program in more detail.