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2016 Canvas Update

The Stewardship Team would like to take this time to update everyone on the Stewardship Campaign. We are off to a great start and would like to gratefully extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have generously pledged so far.  As of today, April 27th, 2016 we have a record 68 pledges totaling $162,799 for the 2016/2017 fiscal … Continued

May 1

Your Views on the News

April 22 Youth News

UCN Youth Activities TEENS: WE’LL NEVER TELL!   The much loved and much anticipated TEEN SERVICE is fast approaching.  Although the theme is hush hush, the talent and dedication of these young people is amazing.  You won’t want to miss it. Sunday, May 22nd, at 10:30 ish (they’re teens, after all!)  And, bring your xray glasses … Continued

April 22 Minister’s Moment

In sheltered corners the Forget-me-not spreads its cool, heaven-blue clusters;  by the fence “the Larkspurs listen” while they wait;  the large purple Pansies shrink and turn from the too brilliant gaze of the sun.  Rose Campions, Tea Roses, Mignonette, Marigolds,              Coreopsis, the rows of Sweet Peas,  the broad-leaved Hollyhocks … Continued

Update to WordPress 4.5

Your friendly webmaster has updated the website to WordPress 4.5. This update brings the latest security fixes and some improvements to the page editor that make it easier for the staff to write pages. The big capability added by this update is URL rewriting to allow https browsing of the site. When you visit using … Continued

Norfolk Pridefest June 18

The Unitarian Church of Norfolk will participate in the 28th annual Pridefest Love Unites from 10 am to 6 pm Saturday June 18 at Towne Point Park, Norfolk. As a Welcoming Congregation since 2005, UNC is a member of Pride of Hampton Roads, the local LGBTQ organzation. Come on to Towne Point Park and enjoy … Continued

Carlotta Bryce Passing

Dear UCN Community. I am sad to report that Carlotta A. Bryce died on Saturday, April 9. Today the Virginian Pilot included the obituary for her, announcing our service this Thursday. Carlotta was an active an enthusiastic participant in our Sunday Adult Discussion and UCN social justice.  She worked many years  for various social justice causes in … Continued

April 17

The Chalice and the Force

809 Military Progress Report

The design team and capital campaign teams have prepared a March progress report. The report covers the following topics. The report discusses the evolving floor plan in some detail and includes rationals for many of the decisions described. This report is well worth a read. Attachments 809 Military Progress Report March 25 (284 kB)