Monthly Archives: August 2017

Input to Design Committee

The Design Committee appreciates any constructive input for our new sacred space.

October 8 Children’s Religious Education

Religious Education Classes this week, October 8 All classes will begin with introductions this Sunday. The school year Religious Education program will include the following classes: Pre-Kindergarten: Celebrating Me and My World. This Unitarian Universalist curriculum is for preschoolers. It begins by celebrating the wondrous qualities of children themselves and extends outwards to the things … Continued

18 August Minister Moment

It’s August and it is rainy. The good news is that the hurricane went offshore, though it brought with it lots of hot, yecchy weather. August is a good month to enjoy Air Conditioning — invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier… and not common when our UCN building was constructed. The invention was, according to … Continued

11 Aug Minister Moment

“We Cannot Have the Extraordinary Without The Ordinary” – P. L. Travers This has been a very long work week for me, though I have not been at UCN. Susie Gullixson, Brian Brennan and I, along with eight other members of the Coastal Virginia UU’s have just completed a “Leadership Experience” in central Virginia. The five-night residential … Continued

4 Aug Minister Moment

The Parable of the Basketballs In southern Illinois the attitude is very midwest, but the weather is not. In one of its small towns there was a street, a street with families living along it. A street with a turn-around at the end. A street with a basketball hoop. Once the summer heat had ended, … Continued