24 March Minister’s Moment

Snowdrops. Snowdrops, also called Galanthus, are tiny flowers…  white and green, they look like a sort of drop of water-snow that has broken open. Really, compared with Azaleas, they are completely insignificant. Compared with Crepe Myrtles the blooms don’t last at all, and being only about one inch above the snow, they are hard to see.

But snowdrops bloom around the first day of spring, which is something the big showy flowers don’t do. And they are ephemeral, meaning that they bloom and then vanish into the soil, having stored enough energy into their tiny bulb for another year. And that’s just fine with them.

This Saturday evening UCN will celebrate the spring equinox with a pagan ritual and potluck, starting at 6 PM. Pagan spirituality is one way we, as Unitarian Universalists search for truth and meaning and foster spiritual growth. The invitation to join in the Ostara celebration is not restricted to those who know all about it, the invitation is for anyone who wants to experience it. Trust that the celebration will have some aspect of discovery for you, come and be a part of it. I attended one where we explored how we injure the things of the world, and how we might work to heal them as well. It resonated with our words “we are real people, broken and mended”. And it reminded me that I have a spiritual obligation to help heal the world… and to discover what those words mean to me.

And so snowdrops appear near Ostara, the Pagan festival of the spring equinox. The are not great and mighty flowers, but tiny, often unexpected moments of joy along your path. You can hardly pick them and bring them home– they fade quickly and who has a vase so small? Your enjoyment is in the moment. Add some birdsong, and you are almost in heaven.

The month of March has delivered on the promise to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well, we did have the surprise snowstorm last Sunday, and will have fine “spring jacket” weather come this Sunday. It’s a good time to go see what’s new at the Chrysler… a quick trip to Paris and Japan before we get to serious gardening weekends, Easter and graduations.

Saying thank you: A couple of weekends ago I was able to join David Howell and Doug Throp as they showed off the Military Highway property to Georgette Renz and some other members with mobility issues. Thank you Doug and David for arranging this tour, which was confined to the first floor because the elevator was not available (and won’t be until after renovation begins). Still, most of the building is on the first floor, and there was plenty to see.

The Sacred Space Team is working toward purchase of the new property at the end of this month, with a small celebration in April. Doug and Paul Greggs are planning to do a property clean-up morning (one if by land, two if by sea) on April 15th… mark your calendars and get out those boots! This next month will provide many new ways to get to know the property.

Our signing celebration and cleanup day are not like a “Grand Opening Celebration” which is over a year away. These are snowdrops along the path, which promise the change of season. The promise of change. It is your last chance, however, to contribute to the challenge fund before we buy the building! Procrastinators: put away your snowshoes, and take out your check book.

I’m away for this Sunday. Come here Kathryn Perry and company with a meditation on change and an update on the purchase and renovation process.

I love you,
Rev Charlie