25 November Minister’s Moment

I hope your Thanksgiving was warm and filling, and your travel safe.   I will be away this Sunday and Karen Smith will be leading the service.  I hope you enjoy the sense of community singing songs of hope for a better tomorrow!   This will be Paul Gregg’s first Sunday.  He just started as our new Youth Program Coordinator.   He has begun working for our Director of Religious Education, Brian Brennan on our youth programs as Peggy Pickford transitions back to being a volunteer.

Planning for Christmas is in full swing.  We will have two Christmas Eve services, one at 5 PM and one at 7 PM.   I would love to have some volunteer readers for the 7 PM service– send me an email at minister@ucnorfolk.org with “READER” in the subject line.  The service will be traditional Christmas readings with a UU emphasis.  The hour between the two services is often a reception with some cookies and light snacks.  Look for a sign up list as that gets closer.

We also will have our standard, Sunday, pre-Christmas/Yule/Solstice service on December 18th.  We hope to welcome new members on that Sunday… and if you are interested in joining the Unitarian Church of Norfolk, your next step is to sign up for “Pathways to Membership” class, which happens at Noon on Sunday, December 4th.   The class gives you the required background on our congregation and the Unitarian Universalist denomination.

I am planning a simple service for Christmas morning, which is a Sunday. 10:30 AM, all ages.   I could use some helpers/planners for that service too… e-mail me with “CHRISTMAS MORNING” in the subject line.

Beyond that… happy leftovers!  Happy museum going, movie going, hanging out with family and friends, or simply de-stressing with a walk or bike ride.

I love you,

Rev Charlie