28 April Minister Moment

This will be an energetic weekend.

Good thing the storm came through earlier this week; I hope you had no damage and stayed dry. I heard that at least one UCN meeting was canceled. We carry on.

This weekend we have our annual Auction on Saturday night, with preparations in the afternoon. I hope you have taken some time to read through the catalog – come, bring money! If you have been really wanting to contribute to the capital campaign challenge fund, this is your last chance to actually do so before the challenge expires. (Anything the Auction earns over $7000 will go to the Challenge.)

Then Sunday morning YOU can participate in our Flower Ceremony/Flower Communion – bring a flower from your life. It represents your involvement with the Unitarian Church of Norfolk. We make a bouquet of these flowers, and then each person takes a flower from the bouquet.

Because we have so much in the service, we invite you to place stones and shells during gathering music, make an entry in the book of life, or talk with me or the caring team before or after the service.

The service also will include our Community Connection meetings – after the postlude we will replace coffee hour with a discussion about UCN. Bring your pledge card and an open mind. This is the Sunday where we affirm our shared stewardship of our congregation. There will be a children’s program as well. And then go forth into the spring weather!

At 3 PM Sunday there will be a celebration of Tony Stein’s life. Come and share memories of this remarkable man!

I have been away this week at a ministers conference in western North Carolina; I’m writing this from a hotel room on my way home. The subject of the conference was care for staff and minister, and one large section was on benefits. I felt a real sense of joy knowing that UCN is a good employer. We care for our staff and treat them with respect. Thank you.

Have you ever noticed how drug stores have one aisle for “hair care” and another for “ethnic hair care”? Why is “white people hair care” the assumption? Why doesn’t it say “Northern Euro Hair Care?” What would better signs be? This is an invitation to think about normal, and your awareness of it.

There is always something more to say, but I have to hit the road to get back for a Leadership Class. Happy almost weekend!

I love you,
Rev Charlie