03 March Minister’s Moment


THEME CHANGE — Welcome to March, welcome to Lent, welcome to what seems like springtime. Welcome to LIGHT.

Our theme for February was “PLAY” and how did we do? Each Friday night we had a different activity, from a potluck to karaoke, Scrabble™ and a night of African Dance in there too. We chased the winter blues away with music and song. Our Sunday mornings included experimental theater (thanks to all who joined in!) playfulness and even an awards show to celebrate African American history. Only the talk on Seatack, the free black settlement in Virginia Beach seems to have defied the theme… until you write the city name in Spanish: Playa Virginia! (OK that’s too big a stretch… Thank you to George Minns for being a last minute fill-in speaker.)

March brings a new theme of “LIGHT.” While many churches are beginning Lent, a time of penance and atonement, we invite exploration, growth, and celebration of spring (Ostara Celebration– March 25). Our sermons will be “illuminating” too. This week we will “Peel the Sacred Onion” to shed some light onto our faith. And next week we the light becomes a beacon fire, a warning and a call to common action. One wonders about the name “25 Beacon Street” — and in a week we shall learn more.

On Sunday, March 12 we will also reflect on the heritage of Girl Scouting — founded March 12, 1912. We will invite all Girl Scouts and leaders to help us light the chalice (you are invited to come in uniform!) Later in March I will investigate the definition of Light as “not heavy” with a sermon on The Nine Commandments, and the month will end with Kathryn Perry leading “We Are Each Others’ Keepers.”

“LITE™” will not be the subject of our Annual Chili & Beer Cook-off on March 11. The beer will be homebrewed, more substantial and better! Come help raise money for our challenge fund. And don’t forget to bring your secret recipe Chili to light our collective fire. And enjoy some light entertainment with the kids’ talent show.

I will be running two classes this spring on: “Beginning Leadership in a UU Context” Thursdays, March 23 and April 27. The Program Council has switched to quarterly meetings, so, in the months when they don’t meet, I will be leading mini classes in leadership, suitable to help those who want to lead and be more effective in committees or church projects. 7 PM – 9 PM.

UCN can become more effective as we begin using technology.

Our Program Council had two members phone and “zoom” in — Zoom.us is a video-conferencing/teleconferencing system we have at UCN. The Children’s Religious Education Committee recently discovered that late evening “zooms” are easier on parents. To schedule a Zoom meeting contact Susie Gullixson (office@ucnorfolk.org) with plenty of notice. A computer, tablet or phone with a camera is all you need– or call in on a phone (no video then!)

Our new Communications Coordinator, Chanelle Gontarz, introduced me to “Signup.com” to make planning easier. Click on this super simple link to sign up for the Leadership Class… they may ask for your e-mail address — they promise not to share it. Also, you may want to un-click the advertising to prevent spam e-mail (or e-mail me, and I’ll sign you up!). http://signup.com/go/ob6rte

A third bit of technology is Doodle: a website to help select meeting days and times. http://doodle.com to learn more. And lastly, last week we showed portraits of “framers” behind the pulpit. We have begun experimenting with projected information during gathering music, and someday maybe lyrics to hymns, so you can look up, not down when singing. Do you think you might want to be a projection team member?

That’s it for now.

I love you,
Rev Charlie