Seeking our Sacred Space

At the 18 December 2016 special meeting, the congregation voted as follows to approve the purchase of 809 South Military and to enter into a purchase and sale agreement to sell 739 South Yarmouth. The congregation also authorized the use of the endowment fund to partially fund the purchase of 809 South Military.

Motion Ballot Results

Final Vote Calculated There were 111 votes (17 absentee, 94 in attendance). In the matter of:

The Congregation hereby approves the Purchase/Sale Agreement and Lease Agreement with SABA Properties LLC for the property located at 739 Yarmouth Street” 108 voted in FAVOR, 3 AGAINST.

The Congregation hereby approves the use of the Endowment Fund for the purpose of purchasing the property owned by SKANSKA located at 809 South Military Highway.” 105 voted in FAVOR, 6 AGAINST.

The Congregation hereby approves the purchase of the property owned by SKANSKA located at 809 South Military Highway.” 106 voted in FAVOR, 5 AGAINST.

A slide show of the property as it was when we entered into the purchase and sale agreement is here.

News from our New Sacred Space

Photos of the renovation may be viewed at this link.

  • Aug 18 Update (8/18/2017) - by Doug T.
  • Facility Design Team Update: August 3 (8/3/2017) - Update to the Congregation July 2017 From the Facility Design Team Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists 809 South Military Highway The Facility Oversight Team held a Congregational Update on the status of the new building Sunday ( 7/30) after service. We will continue to hold such updates on a monthly basis. Since many people cannot stay … Continued
  • August 2 Update (8/3/2017) - by Doug T.
  • July 21 Updates (7/21/2017) - by Doug T. As of July 18 (2017), asbestos abatement has been completed on the second floor of our new building; abatement work is continuing on the first floor.
  • Renovation Update: July 14, 2017 (7/14/2017) - New Building Progress by Doug T.
  • July 5 Update (7/8/2017) - New Building Progress: July 5, 2017 by Doug T. Renovation work on our new building began on June 16. A variety of materials, including doors and wood trim were salvaged. Most of the carpet and a lot of other unnecessary materials were disposed of. Our contractor has just begun removing the heating/cooling units located in most … Continued
  • Renovation Begins at “Mike” (6/24/2017) - In preparation for remodeling, our board of directors established the Facility Oversight Committee chartered to establish a project schedule and milestones for church activities supporting the renovation, coordinating interactions with our contractor, designing and planning the finishing and furnishing our space, and executing our move from Yarmouth to 809 S. Military. In mid-June, Spacemakers, our … Continued
  • June 18 Update on “809” (6/22/2017) - On June 14, workers finished repair work on the well water system at our new property. That water is unfiltered and not safe for drinking, but is required for use during demolition work — at least until we have new pipes installed providing municipal (potable) water from curbside to our new building. Our general contractor, Spacemakers, … Continued
  • Preparing to Renovate “809” (6/22/2017) - Preparation for Renovation of 809 South Military Highway Property With the purchase of the 809 South Military Highway property, the Sacred Space Team (SST) has very successfully met its mission to present the congregation with a viable and affordable building for UCN’s executing its mission and vision. With the sale of the Yarmouth St church … Continued
  • Update on 809 (6/9/2017) - New Building Update (by Doug T.) We recently had a hearing with the City of Virginia Beach departments about water and sanitation issues for our new building. On the basis of the significant cost and difficulty for us to connect to a water main on the opposite side of Military Highway and the adequate size … Continued