Church Building Parking

Unitarian Church of Norfolk has a small parking lot located to the right of the church that is accessed from South Mowbray Arch.

Tidal flooding can block access to the lot, trap vehicles in the lot, and when extreme, can damage vehicles parked in the lot. Tides above 3 feet restrict use of South Mowbray Arch road and access to our lot.

When coastal flooding is forecast, it is wise to check the storm tide predictions. Tides in excess of 3 feet cover South Mowbray Arch road. Tides in excess of 5 feet can flood the parking lot and cause vehicle damage. The October 2015 coastal storm predictions were for 6.5 feet forcing cancellation of services and restricted access to our building.

During the work week, church staff and visitors are welcome to park in the lot when the tides permit.

On Sunday, we use the lot for to provide parking for our congregants and visitors having impaired mobility.

Service Parking

Our neighbors, the Chrysler Museum and the Eastern Virginia Medical School allow us to use their parking before noon on Sundays. You may park in the Glass Studio lot on Grace Street located to the right of the Chrysler’s main building and in the EVMS lot located to the Chrysler’s left. These lots are not subject to tidal flooding.