Dec. 29 Minister Moment

Christmas Gratitude.

Thank you to all who made our final Christmas Eve at Yarmouth Street such a success!

To our morning crew: my Worship Service Associate, Lisa Kilczewski; our musicians, Karen Smith, Garrett McAuliffe, and James Wood; sound manager, Doug Throp; board greeter, Paul Moss; Caring Team representative, Nancy Schafer; Poem Readers; and our Ushers and Greeters, thank you all.

Thanks as well to our many performers, under the direction of Dr. Brian Brennan and Kathryn Perry, at our 5 p.m. Christmas Pageant. Thanks to the narrators, Paul Moss and Suzanne Miles; to the Yarmouth Chamber Singers who provided music, and Dave Hamby on sound.  To the ushers and greeters, candle distributors and collectors, little-paper-thingy-attachers, and to all who contributed to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, thank you all.

To those who stepped up and provided a 6 p.m. reception between the Christmas Eve services, including Andrea, Ron and Mindy on set up, Susan on hosting and Sally and Kathleen on clean-up, and those who helped in the moment, thank you all. We had many guests, and it was good to provide hospitality.

To our bakers and dippers and mixers and chippers: Andrea, Ron, Suzanne, Jenny, Ellie, Nancy Sarah, Jeannine, Julie, Sally, Wendy, Mike, Karen, Kathleen and Pat … and all the others who brought a bounty of deliciousness, thank you all.

To our 7 p.m. readers:  Wendi White, Lisbet Dula, Ron Lovell and Suzanne Miles; Matt Griset and the Choir; our sound and lighting expert, Dave Hamby, and arranger Doug Throp; even more ushers and greeters, and folks who just jumped up and lent a hand, thank you.

To Susie Gullixson for bringing together three orders of service for one Sunday, and for Vicki and Allison for arrangements and scheduling, thank you.

To Tracy Brune for advance advertising; Nursery Coordinator Selene Spelts, assisted by Amy Burns and Kamico Tracy, for childcare; and Doug Throp for putting up the special banner on our building, thank you.

And all that was just one day!   Our congregation is so much a cooperative venture, we should never lose sight of that fact; it is an invitation for you to participate and a recognition that your participation is what makes church happen.

It is easy to see what our professional staff: Susie, Brian, Matt, Paul, Tracy, and Selene do.  It is much harder to see what our many committees and teams do, they get things done.  Thank you all.

Looking forward: January 5th is Fabulous First Friday. Come hear a talk on marine animals.  Perhaps you’ve seen the huge whale-kites in the social hall … that’s a reminder for all ages to come!  It sounds fascinating … arrive at 6 p.m. for community vegetarian dinner or 7 p.m. for the program!

Vicki Caminer is our coordinator for Covenant Circles, and she will be re-forming the groups in January.  If you would like spending a few hours a month contemplating and reflecting on spiritual questions, contact Vicki and ask to be included.  If we need to create additional groups, we will find a way.

Happy Kwanzaa!  I hope you can make it this Sunday for our Kwanzaa Stories service.  A great thing to be doing New Year’s Eve.

Drive safe, send in your last minute 2017 donations, and Happy New Year!

Rev. Charlie