December 15 Minister Moment

Ten Days to Christmas … but first … Happy Hanukkah!  Last Sunday, I quoted a bit about the celebration of theeight-day festival of dedication for the Jerusalem Temple, reading from the Babylonian Talmud (in translation, of course.) Here’s the web page I used:

The text gives you a window into the discussion orientation of Jewish thought … One Rabbi says one thing, another thinks another way … and so the proper way to practice the holiday is reasoned out. We learn that the Hanukkah lights should be outdoors, and placed at a height so that a wagon full of flax will not accidentally catch fire. “You ought to have placed it higher than a camel and his rider.”

Tomorrow Saturday is the chance to learn about Kwanzaa … with a film at 1 p.m. and a Bazaar at 4 p.m.  Both are free!  Come and join in.   Kwanzaa itself begins December 26.

Christmas Eve is the big day at UCN. Sunday morning service will be about Christmas traditions. Karen Smith and  Garrett McAuliffe are arranging for a seasonal and singable service. 

I saw Dr. Brennan coming down the hall with costumes for the 5 p.m. Pageant. Wise men and women will volunteer for parts in the play.

At 6 p.m. we have a cookie and finger food reception, a time to say howdy to returning friends and to meet others. The request for bakers and servers has gone out!  If you will be at UCN on Christmas Eve, please consider signing up either electronically or at the table in the social Hall this Sunday. Here is the link for electronic signup:  

I will be leading the 7 p.m. Christmas Eve Service with reading of sacred texts and sweet singing in the choir. Both services will have candle lighting, so do not bring camels or loads of flax.

But before that happens, this Sunday we will focus on stories of darkness and light, creation and preservation … solid themes for Yuletide, the start of winter; and some very special Yule music.

A quick thank you to Clark Mahoney and the Membership Committee … our quarterly Pathways To Membership Class was held last Sunday, and we plan to welcome new members on January 7th.

Speaking of January … We begin our Friday Evening event series starting on the 5th.  The staff has been arranging this for 2018, and they are planning a different event each week, beginning with whales, and ending with Hot Wheels.  From Coffee Houses to our Staff Appreciation Dinner, it should be wonderful … plan on it.

Also in January, I am a member of an interfaith religious leaders group called HUBB – Hands United Building Bridges. We have been active in anti-racism and anti-hate issues these past two years. There will be a showing of the film “Marshall” about Thurgood Marshall on January 15. On January 7, 2018 at 5 p.m., Congregation Beth El Synagogue will host the “City on a Hill Forum: An Interfaith Conversation about Race.”  Details:   

All are invited!  Mark your calendar!

There you go, a whole article and I didn’t mention “shopping” even once … or Alabama.

I love you,

Rev. Charlie