December 8 Minister Moment

I hope to see you this Saturday morning for the Elevator Speeches/Elevator Stories workshop, 9 a.m. to noon. We start with coffee and end in time for those wanting to make it to see “Jane,” playing at the Naro Expanded Cinema at 12:15 p.m., to zip across Ghent. Sign up so we know coffee and doughnut amounts.  Bring a pen; bring some thinking about how you might express your relationship with UUism and with our congregation. Bring a friend, even if they didn’t sign up … carpool if you are feeling green! Are you an evangelist?

You can tell us that you are coming by clicking below (no signup required, though they request some info, you don’t have to give it.) If this link gives you any trouble … send me ( or Tracy ( a note … we need a reliable signing-up service, and think this one is good (but want to know if it isn’t):

Part of moving to a new location involves growing in membership as well. The Membership Committee had a great meeting this week, finalizing plans for the “Pathways to Membership” class THIS Sunday, Dec. 10th, at noon. All interested are welcome. We will share about our congregation, Unitarian Universalism and what being a member of our community means.

The committee also marveled at how involved some of our previous Pathways graduates are now.  Both those who have joined CVUU and those still thinking about it – all are doing well!  We are a congregation which works to make a difference in our world.  Now that we have a communications coordinator, we can better get the word out and make more things happen.

Speaking of happenings, if you are unfamiliar with Kwanzaa, clear your calendar for the afternoon of December 16th!  We have a movie and a Bazaar at UCN.  I went to the Bazaar last year and had a good deal of fun, though I could not stay for the entertainment.  This year, I’m planning ahead.  We are advertising across the community, so expect many visitors – come share your evangelism message (and learn, too!)

Planning ahead, December 24 will be a busy Sunday – 10:30 a.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. services!  Thanks to Karen Smith, Garrett McAuliffe and our music director, Matt Griset, as well as the Choir and Yarmouth Chamber Singers, who will be in town to make our celebration marvelously musical. On Christmas Eve, many community members are away, so it is important to have “you” here to help … usher, welcome, bake, and help with the 6 p.m. reception!  There’s a sign-up list going up Sunday for you to add your name to those sharing time to make UCN grow.

The hard work by our new building committees was evident this Wednesday as our staff got a tour of the construction site.  Wow.  The sanctuary space is taking shape.  Walls are being built.  Floors reconfigured, emergency exits created.  Our contractor is doing a great job, and our congregation’s talented oversight team is working hard too.

I saw Karen Smith on Wednesday putting autumn leaves on our Green Initiative tree tapestry at UCN.  The leaves represent gifts to make our new home environmentally “Green.” Our tree is about half covered, meaning we are just over half way to our goal.  In considering year-end giving, perhaps you can put a check in the green envelope this Sunday?  Help us build to our highest values.  You are thinking about year-end giving, aren’t you?  Time, Talent or Treasure … whatever you can provide is welcome.

Me? Come to the service where I will speak of “Winter Truths,” our Yarmouth Chamber Singers will raise Advent spirit, and Garrett will sing of Changes.

I love you,

Rev. Charlie (