June 15 Minister Moment

I hope you can make it to the Service this Sunday. It is my last time in the pulpit with you. I don’t have a set topic for the sermon … the title is “Kindly Question” and during the service the ushers will be collecting questions which you may have for me.  I can’t answer all of them but will select ones which seem interesting and then I will create a sermon around them. Complex questions and questions that require calculus will probably be ignored. Bring a pen, bring a query! Remember, “Kindness” is our theme.

After this Sunday it’s officially SUMMER – Indeed, on the 23rd the CUUPS group is planning a Lithia celebration to honor the solstice.  The summer service series starts on June 24th .  I have no preaching duties during the summer, so I will be using vacation time. Still, as minister, I provide life transition rituals to the congregation through July, and will continue to do that.  Starting next month contact the caring team or Dr. Brennan with pastoral needs. Between the Caring Team and our Lay Pastoral Associates we have good teams for pastoral care coverage.

I plan to participate in the PRIDE WEEK’s LGBTQAI Interfaith service, Tuesday, June 26 at 7 PM.  This year it will be held at New Life MCC on Sunset Drive in Norfolk. It is part of a whole week full of PRIDE events.  During the big Saturday party there will be a joint UU table at Waterside Park — June 30 from noon to 7 PM. Time to tell the Hampton Roads about the new location! Show up and make some noise!

INDEED… our “CVUU Event Captain”, the great and powerful Jannie Marvel is looking for teams of two LGBTQ or straight allies from our congregation to volunteer to work shifts at the UU table: 10 AM to Noon;  Noon to 2 PM; 2 PM to 4 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM. It is fun, and potentially exciting (depending on weather.) Contact Jannie Marvel at marvva@cox.net .  Want to do more? You can also volunteer for other Pride events… Hampton Roads Pride still needs help:  http://www.hamptonroadspride.org/volunteer/

Thank you to last Sunday’s performers including the Home School Out of the Box “Celtic Circle.”  It made the Bridging Service extra special. Also, thanks to the many members of the congregation for our reading based on “Wear Sunscreen.” It was from a 1997 column by Mary Schmich in the Chicago Tribune:


Thanks to Martha Shore and Paul Greggs and to all our participants in the service, and our Bridgers!

This Sunday Sharon Harrell will be my Worship Service Associate– a volunteer who helps with the rituals of the service and generally keeps things moving.  The “WSAs” are distinct from the Worship Services Committee — the group which does the planning and policy work with the minister. The WSAs sign up and show up.  Sometimes the WSA’s job is simple, sometimes it is complicated. They make it happen!

I have been blessed with many members serving as my WSAs, including Worship Services Committee regulars Martha Shore, Vicki Caminer, Kathryn Perry, Robert Eggleston, and Harvey Edward Jones.  Also serving were Joe Phibbs, Mindy Squillace, Lisa Kilczewski, Gerrie Phibbs, Gwen Towe, Elisa Dickon, Tessa Ellis and even John Oliver! There is no denying that they made our Sunday Services possible.   Oh yes, Lee Ellen Knight serves on the WSC as well, and was a speaker at several services, but not a WSA (and that’s OK!)

My personal thanks go to our UCN/CVUU Trustees/Directors: Jenny Foss, Kevin St. George, Mindy Squillace, Ron Lovell, Gwen Towe and Paul Moss, and officers: President Allen Perry, VP Jim Early, Leo Bevon – Financial Secretary and Perry Duncan– Secretary and April Meadows– Treasurer.   This has been a year of visions and revisions regarding the sale of our building, and scheduling the congregation’s move to 809 South Military Highway. A task that has taken my entire tenure at UCN. But the end seems to be in sight.

Thanks to former board members Jeanie Kline, and Mark Fetterly.  Also, in memory of Phil Caminer, who served when I first arrived. And Dr. Brian Brennan and Brian Schiller, who served as non-voting members.

One more thing … This Sunday we will send our UU General Assembly delegates off to Kansas City with our congregational banner.  Watch the banner parade live Wednesday night at https://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2018 )



Rev. Charlie