June 8 Minister Moment

This is a Jain Sutra, called “Jam Jam Manen Baddham”  (from jainbelief.com)

“Whatever wrong I have done by thought,

Whatever wrong I have done by word,

Whatever wrong I have done by deed,

I ask for forgiveness.”

Thanks to all who contributed to last week’s service on Kindness.  I quoted a prayer from Jainism, and you may wish to learn about this remarkably kind religion from southern Asia.  Also thanks for our music program– including Stacia Sanders, who sang “Hands” by Jewel. Also, the choir and Matt Griset.

This week will be the annual bridging service, recognizing the transitions in the lives of youth in our congregation.  Come share the joy.

I thought I’d take some space today to thank the Membership Committee.  For the past three years we have been concentrating on ways to foster membership growth, and to transform visitors into intentional guests, guests into members and new members into involved members.  Garland Tillery, Tessa Ellis, Jennifer Blake and now Clark Mahoney have led the effort, each with their own style and goals.

Garland emphasized the need for the membership committee’s involvement through the life-cycle of membership.  Tessa emphasized outreach, having events that attract visitors from the wider community (our Kwanzaa Bazaar is an outgrowth of that thinking… what will be done with our new space?)  Jen brought military organization to our schedule and a teamwork approach to the tasks at hand. Clark has continued that, but added a more academic approach including insights from the UU Leadership Institute:
https://www.uuinstitute.org/fall-2017/  and https://www.uuinstitute.org/on-demand-courses/

These courses are absurdly inexpensive, and easily done on your schedule alone or with others in the congregation.  Registration for the Fall courses begins July 1… so be ready to register!

The membership committee has had a stable core of members, and this is good for continuity.  It also has begun welcoming new team members, and this is good for diversity and staffing. In the year ahead, CVUU will have a large number of curious visitors and enthusiastic guests.  Sharing the good news of Unitarian Universalism is everyone’s goal – find out how you can help the team lead. And it is every member’s duty to remind others in our community of our covenant.  This is especially true when folks use conversations with guests for personal or non-CVUU gain. At the beginning of the service we say “We are real people, broken and mended, imperfect and growing.”  Let us both forgive each other and hold each other to behavior which welcomes. I wish the Membership Committee much success as the team grows to handle all the work which will come after the move!

For those who wonder, I’ve started meeting with members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie via ZOOM.  Holding “zoom meetings” is relaxing and productive, especially during the summer when some may be away, but close to Internet.  CVUU has a zoom account as well. Susie Gullixson can set up our “Zoom Meeting Room” for your committee or team with adequate notice.

Hope to see you Sunday,

Rev Charlie