Wake Now My Senses

ʺWake Now My Senses – A Broader Vision” – Rev. Charlie Dieterich. Come hear what he learned at the Mexican Border. Yarmouth Chamber Singers performI

When Hope is Hard to Find

Join us Sunday when Rev. Charlie Dieterich will reflect on the Book of Ruth, the traditional reading for Shavuot, which talks about living with loss and despair and finding hope. The Choir sings.

Sacred Hearth

Sacred Hearth” – Rev. David Morris will speak about Unitarian women ministers known as “the Iowa Sisterhood,” who worked for women’s rights and the cause of liberal religion. What do they have to say on this Mother’s Day? Morris visits from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Warts and All

Join us for “Warts and All” – Our guest speaker is Ministerial Candidate for Fellowship Walter Clark from Richmond. The Choir will perform.

A Sense of Wonder in Nature and Science

A Sense of Wonder in Nature and Science – Join us for a lay-led service with several guest speakers who will tell us of their wondrous and moving experiences in the fields of astronomy, paleontology and more.

Earth and the People in it

Earth and The People in it” – Matt Griset, our Music Director, leads an All-Music Service with the Choir and soloists.

Come, listen, join in!

Flower Communion

“Flower Communion” – Each year we celebrate our congregation in its diversity – like a bouquet of different flowers. We ask everyone to bring a flower for our vase, and take one away to represent what we get from our participation.

For the Beauty of the Earth

“For the Beauty of the Earth” – Rev. Charlie Dieterich. “This our hymn of grateful praise” has been around since well before my childhood. On the Sunday after Easter, here’s a different view of resurrection. Spring celebration with an environmental focus.

Preaching the Godspell

Let’s view Easter from a point of view of the musical Godspell. What does a 20th Century musical have for us in the 21st Century? What does a first century recollection tell us? Come with an open mind and an open heart. The Choir performs.

Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday! – Rev. Charlie Dieterich.
We celebrate our congregation and the joy of being together. The Stewardship Campaign celebrates those who helped raise high the flame.