The Sayings from My Youth

Proverbs from My Parents that Have Served as Guidepost for My Life The “sayings” are time-honored words of wisdom passed down by generations of elders based on experiences they lived and are offered as pragmatic principles to guide and direct one’s behavior, habits, actions, attitude, and conduct. The “sayings” were uttered to serve three basic objectives: … Continued

A Conversation with a Friend

Questions about Heaven, Hell and God will be discussed. We will hear of one man’s growth from a believer to an atheist/agnostic. Along the way you will be asked to explore what is in your heart.

Courageous Spiritual Growth

How much courage does it take to love? Let us open our minds to see what is true.

OUUr Black History

The history of the civil rights within Unitarian Universalism is often touted as one of our crowning achievements. The role of Unitarian Universalist in the march on Selma is often celebrated, but how much do we really know about the part of Unitarian Universalism in civil rights and what can we do to make sure … Continued